The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (CAIC) is focused on the creative industries sector of the Kansas economy. The Commission is dedicated to to promoting, supporting and expanding Kansas’ creative industries and enriching communities through arts and culture. 

KCAIC offers a range of programs and services to support cultural programming across Kansas and enhance the role the arts play in all levels of education, community service, workforce development and quality of life in our state.


The CAIC offers several programs designed to strengthen an important sector of the Kansas economy.

The Indigenous Arts Initiative (IAI) supports a rotating series of Indigenous art labs that provide Indigenous artists an opportunity to hone creative skills, expand professional networks and gain leadership experience through collaborative, mentor-based programming at the University of Kansas.

As a partnership between KCAIC, KU Film and Media Studies, the Spencer Museum of Art, and the Lied Center, the IAI offers a series of collaborative workshops, masterclasses, and public events in Lawrence, Kansas, that conclude with the annual KU Indigenous Cultures Festival. In addition to training and mentoring emerging artists, the goal of the Initiative is to enhance Indigenous leadership at the border of artistic and community practice, while strengthening ties between the State of Kansas and Indigenous communities. Each year, mid-career Visiting Artists are selected from a range of mediums, including visual art, film, and dance to instruct and mentor artists from across the region.

IAI Visiting Artists will present a three-to-four-day workshop in their respective mediums. At the end of the workshop period, each Visiting Artist will choose one or two proposed projects from among their participants, in consultation with the IAI Committee, to mentor the emerging artists as they complete their new work. Completed works will be showcased at an exhibition in 2023.

All artists welcome to apply, however approved Indigenous applicants will have priority.

February 10-13, 2023

Carlos Rivera, dancer, choreographer, teacher, director, and actor. He is a native of Mexico of Nahuatl and Mixteco descent, and now based in Toronto. 

Carlos will present a dance workshop titled Body + Spirit = A Land Connection based on traditional Indigenous dance concepts complement with stage and contemporary dance techniques. The participants will develop a deep relationship with the land, leading them to make strong ties with their bodies and the land where we stand, walk, dance, create and live on it.

Led by Carlos Rivera, an artist with experience as a performer, choreographer, and theatre director. He will share some of his experiences in creating a conscious relationship with the land and human bodies through a series of dance and movement exercises.

Registration for Carlos' workshop is due by February 1, 2023. 

October 6-9, 2022: 

Martha Redbone, vocalist/songwriter, Eastern Cherokee, Choctaw and African American descent "Write About It! Creativity in Songwriting, Rhythm and Spoken Word"

Registration for Martha Redbone's workshop is due by October 6, 2022

October 20-23, 2022 (Time TBA depending on participant schedules):

Reyna Hernandez is multi-disciplinary visual artist who works on collaborative community-based public art projects. Her work investigates identity hybridity in relation to her Indigenous Bloodlines and westernized education. She is Iháŋktuŋwaŋ Dakota (Yankton Sioux) and currently lives and works in Vermillion, SD.

Reyna will present a workshop titled:Visual Storytelling: Exploring Identity & Representation in Public Art Spaces.

Participants will be asked to draw from memory to explore the concepts of identity, place and belonging. Through processes of identifying and sharing personal and/or inter-generational stories concerning traditions, journeys, cultural memory etc… participants will be asked to define their own individual landscape to make connections to broader universal concepts using visual language, metaphor, and symbolism.

Registration for Reyna's workshops are due by October 14, 2022.

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